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SIMONE VERA BATH - Silver Chamber Jewellery Online Store

SIMONE VERA BATH born in Berlin and studied fine arts and sculpture at the Freie Universitat. She later moved to Florence to further her cultural and professional education. In 1995 she began to create jewellery and exhibit her work in Cape d'Antibes, London, Berlin, and Rome. The year 2000 marked her entrance into the world of high fashion jewellery. Her designs have been featured in several magazines, including Vogue Jewellery. Simone Vera Bath has a unique style and refined taste. Her choice of materials, often precious wood accented with gold, silver, and bronze, weaves an harmonious balance between modern artistic expression and the styles of ancient cultures, creating jewellery of rare beauty best described as "wearable sculpture". Simone created a piece of jewellery for donation to the Raina Kabaivanska Foundation. In 2000 she created a new jewellery collection for Maison Battistoni, and in June one of her pieces was sold at Christie's. In 2001 she hold her first exhibition in the United States: New York - Aaron Faber. In 2002 she made exhibitions in New York and Rome. In 2003 made a exhibition named "Geburt-Nascità" on Bernini & Borromini's gallery, in Rome, under the auspices of German embassy. To end 2003 shows her jewels by the hotel " ES " in Rome. In the year 2004 Simone creates two marble resin fountains for a building company to be permanently displayed at apartment hotels in Rome. In February 2005 the exhibition of her jewels at the very exclusive Liviana Conti’s showroom in Milan. Since 2007 her jewels can be purchased on famous YOOX's site ( In September 2007 Simone participates, as emergent designer, to the exclusive "white", (fair fashion accessories and attire woman) choice between a narrow group of young talents, that expose for the first time, in November 2008 sets the literary cafe "Dolceamaro" in Bari and Gallery Manidesign " in Naples. Her creations can be purchased in Rome at her showroom in Prati , "B" quartiere Monti, on "Arsenal", by Patrizia Pieroni in Rome at via del Governo Vecchio and Paris at Patrizia Pieroni's atelier , on rue de Poitue, 24 nel Marais, from june 2010 you can find her on UK –Gallerie (Leibnizstrasse) Berlin, among her clients Valentina Cervi, Ornella Muti and Isabella Ferrari.



kas warwas
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