Independent designer brand of contemporary porcelain jewellery, designed and lovingly handmade by Kay Jiaqi Zhou in Copenhagen, Denmark.


POPORCELAIN  is not about diamonds or gem stones; it's about earth that has been dug from the ground. After a long journey of design, experimenting, handcrafting, high-temperature firing and assembling, it miraculously becomes a piece of delicate and desirable porcelain jewellery.


Every piece of porcelain has experienced more than 15 hours of kiln firing, with temperatures reaching over 1200°C. Most of them need to be fired twice or even three times. Along with the sketching, crafting, cooling, polishing and assembling, producing the final finished piece is extremely time-consuming.

POPORCELAIN products are carefully handcrafted.

Every piece is unique in shape and no two are exactly the same.