Hi! My name is Anna Tew. I am a wife, stay at home mom and founder of Spirit Hoops. I love to create. Art always played a major role in my life as a graphic designer and painter. When I met my husband, Arthur, and we started a family I decided to stay home and enjoy our daughters, Harriette and Lydia. Little did I know that my two spunky little girls would give me the biggest inspiration. I was fascinated with their bottomless enthusiasm and infectious spirit. I wanted to capture all this in a product to bring other people the same joy my girls were spreading at home. And so the Spirit Hoop was born on our kitchen table - during nap hours. Spirit Hoops make your earrings more than jewelry. They display your passions, your mood, your pride - they express your spirit. Besides that, Spirit Hoops are great conversation starters, and people can’t help but smile when they see them.
My mission with Spirit Hoops is to spread, not only an uplifted spirit, but also confidence and empowerment. My hope is that these earrings will help you to share your spirit, have fun and make meaningful connections. Enjoy!